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(i)It encourages increase of soil erosion

(ii)it reduce water percolation

(iii)it may lead to desertification

(iv)it results on loss of soil nutrients (v)it reduces humus content of soil ===================================


(i)Develop a perspective of the research process.

(ii)Appreciate the utility of research, particularly applied research, in the context of technical change which induces increases in productivity.

(iii)Understand the reasons for low investment in agricultural research, even though agricultural research brings to an economy a higher rate of return on investments than many other investments. (1bi)

(i)Cheaper than fossil fuel.

(ii) sensible situation to drought-related problems

(iii)Not a permanent switch


(i)It is not available in all areas

(ii)It does not supply power directly

(iii)It can be destructive if carelessly handled


(i)Dispersed farm stead layout

(ii)Linear, Parallel and Attached-L plans farm stead layout

(iii)Row and regular farm stead layout

(1d) (i)Beverage production: coffee, tea, cocoa

(ii)Canned fruits production: fruits

(iii)Feed mill: grains and crops

(iv)Tobacco production: tobacco leaves ==================================

(8ai) A balanced ration is the amount of feed that will supply the proper amount and proportions of nutrients needed for an animal to perform a specific purpose such as growth, maintenance, lactation or gestation.


(i) Protection , Fats protect vital internal organs such as the kidneys, heart and liver, by surrounding and cushioning them.

(ii) Solvent for vitamins, Fats act as a solvent for certain vitamins in the body.

(iii) Source of energy , they provide the body with rich source of energy

(iv) Vitamin Absorption, some types of vitamins rely on fat for absorption and storage.


(i)Added Benefits: Legumes can improve soil tilth by creating deep root channels, which also improves soil drainage and the amount of air that is in the soil.

(ii)Aesthetic: legumes provide color and diversity to grass meadows and pastures.

(iii)Increased Profit Potential: More milk production, higher weaning weights, higher average daily gains, and higher reproductive efficiency are common, when legumes make up a significant portion of the forage mix

(8ci) – Fever – severe headaches – irritability – extreme fatigue – swollen lymph nodes – aching muscles and joints

(8cii) – They are transmitted to humans by tsetse fly (Glossina genus) bites which have acquired their infection from human beings or from animals harbouring human pathogenic parasites.

(8ciii) – is caused by microscopic parasites of the species Trypanosoma brucei. It is transmitted by the tsetse fly (Glossina species), which is found only in sub-Saharan Africa.


{pick any two}

(a) Inspect vehicles before entering. The flies are attracted to the motion and dust from moving vehicles.

(b) Avoid bushes. The tsetse fly is less active during the hottest part of the day but will bite if disturbed.

(c) Use insect repellent. Permethrin-impregnated clothing and insect repellent have not been proved to be particularly effective against tsetse flies, but they will prevent other insect bites that can cause illness.




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